ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)
Offshore Technology Solutions Limited (OTSL) has recently purchased a Work Class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), fully equipped to carry out an extensive
range of underwater tasks from pipeline and platform inspection to construction and drilling support to 4000 ft water depth. The SAAB - SEAEYE manufactured
PANTHER-XT PLUS is the most powerful ROV in its class. The ROV was selected by OTSL because of its superb power and versatility, which will best suit the
needs of the offshore operations in Trinidad & Tobago.
OTSL has trained six local ROV pilots to date and will be advancing training in the new system. Company expects to offer this system as a 100% locally owned
and operated unit.

Ownership and operations of a Work Class ROV by a local Contractor has never been done before but, OTSL is confident that it will attract the support of the major offshore Oil and Gas Operators, who have embraced the Government’s initiative and thrust to support local content and the sustainability of local companies.

OTSL currently owns and operates two inspections ROV’s - OUTLAND 1000 and these ROV’s to date have been effectively utilized by clients in Trinidad and Venezuela. The Panther-XT Plus is the fastest swimming light work ROV in the world. At over four (4) knots, it stands apart from other work ROVs.  Panther-XT Plus combines the capability of precision manipulative tasks with operation in high currents, whilst maintaining a very compact package and footprint. 
* Pre and post lay pipeline surveys
* Touch down monitoring
* Cable installation
* Drill support
* Sub-sea Well & Valve Intervention
* NDT inspections
* Salvage operations including:
* Torpedo recovery

Support for distressed submarines with emergency life support pods. (air transportable Seaeye Panther systems can be supplied for intervention and life support tasks in support of rapid response submarine rescue)