OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTD. (OTSL) has the most modern up-to-date equipment with trained personnel to handle the most challenging inshore and offshore submarine pipe laying projects. This includes reeled pipe and umbilical from 2" to 8" in diameter, to water depths in excess of 1000 fsw. Our dive teams are experienced in all aspects of submarine pipeline installation, maintenance and repair. OTSL has the ability to deploy significant internal resources and expertise when planning and carrying out marine construction works. These are drawn from across the company to ensure that our approach delivers projects in a safe, timely and technically competent manner.
OTSL PIPELINE SERVICES - * Inspection     * Hyperbaric Welding         * Wet Welding       * Cathodic Protection        * Mechanical Repairs     * Free Span Supports
                                               * Supply and Installation of Protective Concrete Mattresses, Grout Barges and Span Support Frames         * Pipeline and Cable Burial

OTSL currently has in place a exclusive agreement with UMC International.UMC International is a worldwide leader in Ship Husbandry and operates ship care stations in Southampton, Plymouth, Portland, Rotterdam, Dubai, Fujairah, Cyprus, Greece, Monaco, and Norway. UMC provides technical support and qualified U/W ship repair personnel to OTSL, which allows OTSL to handle the most technical and challenging ship repair and maintenance projects.
Services include:
* In-Water Survey Solutions
* Propeller Straightening & Repair
* Stern Seal Replacement & Repair
* Permanent Shell Plating Replacement & Repair
* Machinery Replacement & Repair
* Underwater Maintenance and Inspection Services