OTSL's Stabilization and Protection resources encompass a wide range of systems and supplies from solutions design to the manufacture and installation of the required applications.
CONCRETE MATS, FABRIC FORMWORK and GROUTING Solutions make up part of our Manufacturing division, producing high quality engineered products designed for both marine and shore-based stabilization, support and protection. These products are joined with the experience and proven solutions to treat with the rigors of the environment, logistics and deployment, as well as the costs and schedules required to realize optimum value. OTSL constructs its products using superior materials and design techniques for long lasting use and durability.

Ideal for subsea protection of unburied pipelines, umbilicals and flowlines, CM guards against volatile high currents ensuring stability in these areas, as well as providing for pipeline free-span corrections and separation crossings.
The CM designed flexibility is engineered to protect in multiple applications, from sea-floor wide-area bed structure and wrapping methods for line and cable shielding to civil solutions for preventing and securing erosion sites along river-ways, bridge-base protection and embankment/course-ways/median riveting.

A comprehensive range of standard pipeline supports is available from stock. OTSL offers ready solution for any variety of subsea structure support issues:
Pipeline and cable crossings
Pipeline and cable stabilization
Pipeline and cable protection
Stabilization and protection for various subsea structures
Anti-scour protection.
All designs are geared toward cost-effective installation, ease for deployment, optimized in-grout volume as well as consideration for the environmental forces and seabed conditions.
The well proven colloidal mixing principle guarantees excellent grout quality especially suited to underwater grouting.
Another cost-effective approach in rectifying small-spans support, crossovers and impact protection with minimized chemical and water corrosion, thereby providing a long lasting solution.
An experienced range of services is availablefrom our Projects Team in Freespan Correction, Pipeline Stabilization, Scour Protection and Control, Offshore Grouting, Design and Engineering.

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