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Marine Construction

OTSL's diverse marine fleet enables the assignment of the most suitable vessels to best deal with the environmental and technical constraints found at individual sites. We are able to design & fabricate solutions in-house, onsite or offsite, including subsea elements for transport and installation to project destination.

Our Operations capable and experienced marine construction teams have proven expertise in the field of piling, welding and fabrication, concrete works, steel erection and combined support services for all projects. These teams are supplemented by the company’s marine operatives, barge masters and commercial divers, to ensure at all possible times, that all works undertaken are fully supported by proficient and ready resources.

* Cranes                       * Hydraulics                       * Compressors                   * Welding Gear                * Pumps                    * Blasters            * Deployment Hardware

For more information, please call OTSL at 1 (868) 223-2213 - 2216 Fax: 1 (868) 223-4449 or Email :info@otsl.biz