OTSL - introduces its newest, most advanced corrosion protection systems - Alocit and Enviropeel. Alocit and Enviropeel Systems are unique protective product and application solutions with outstanding benefits in addressing the problem of Corrosion as a whole, it avoids targeting specific areas at the expense of others, providing re-active systems with superior pro-active results for protecting and maintaining integrity against abrasion and corrosion to challenging surfaces and substrates.
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Alocit coating:
A direct paint application by brush, roller or spray to required surface - even underwater. Not just for wet or sweat surfaces, it can be applied to concrete, steel and many other substrates - in the dry, in the wet or on oil-soaked concrete. Also on floors, walls, bunds, tanks, bilges, tunnels, marine structures, sheet & round piles, under-decking, lock gates, bridges and water treatment plants. Alocit resists hydrostatic pressure and bonds to fresh concrete and on pre-formed components. ALOCIT 28 Series
  • Environmentally Safe.
  • Non-Volatile Organic Compounds or Heavy Metals
  • Use Wet, Dry, Oily, Subsea & Splash-Zones
  • High Adhesion in all conditions
  • High Abrasion resistance.
  • Long Lasting
Enviropeel coating:
Thermoplastic, safe environmentally friendly, non-VOC spray applies a re-usable impermeable barrier coating that can be quickly and cleanly removed when required onto any surface size or shape. Ideal corrosion-inhibitor for bolted system in galvanizing and crevice corrosion, frequent inspection, replacement and tagging of flanges and valves, as well as, protective shielding for preventing contamination and deterioration of stored equipment and components.
  • Protects in Minutes.
  • Minimum Surface Preparation.
  • Cost Effective & Re-usable.
  • Easy To Remove & Long Lasting.
  • Complete Protection of Flanges & Valves.
  • Ideal for Stand-by and/or Transit Protection.
  • Proven to at least triple Equipment Life Cycle.
PDF Downloads:
1 Alocit-How It Works - UW and Wet 4.9mb
3 Alocit-Case Study Flooring 744kb
9 Alocit-Case Study Waste Water Plant 826kb
10 Alocit-Specifications Guidelines 2.1mb
PDF Downloads:
NEW-E Enviropeel - How It Works 767kb
NEW-E CaseStudy - WA Storage 1mb
NEW-E CaseStudy