Best Practice makes Best performance!
OTSL’s responsibility and commitment to the highest standards of how we work, where we work and everyone we interact with, sets these core values to a premium caliber throughout our organization, our environment and our lives.
Exercising best practice in all our endeavors, adherence to measures of conformity in International occupational and environmental standards and the implementation of internal Advanced Management Systems (SMS, QAS, Disaster Recovery & Preparedness and Preventative Maintenance); enables a workforce culture, skilled, ready and aware for the challenges of the job and the protection of all resources.


QHSSE Commitment
Health, Safety, Security and the Environment
* Senior Management commitment to Safety * Strict conformance with OTSL Safety Management System (SMS) *Conforms to OSHAS 18000
* Continuous improvement of Safety program and external audit of SMS
* Continuous training and upgrading of local personnel
* Close matching of skills and equipment required for the job
* Maintaining IMCA compliance.
* Project Security is site specific
* Adhere to ISPS and Caribbean Cargo Ship
* Senior Management commitment to Quality * Strict conformance to OTSL Quality Assurance System
* Conforms to ISO 9002
* Continuous improvement to Quality Assurance System
* Strong preventive maintenance program
* Close matching of skills and equipment required for the job
* Using appropriate Project Management Tools