At OTSL, strength and balance drives our vision and mission to achieve
and succeed in all out undertakings. In attaining our goals we always
maintain a view of the path which brought us to where we are now, with
such a great perspective our look toward where would like to go and the
manner in which we get there strives in a practice of excellence, continuity
and growth.

Health & Safety - The well being of our people is the number one priority.
Integrity & Responsibility - Be fair, forthright and respectful in all things.
Performance & Diversity - Investment in strengthening and broadening all our assets.
Community - Embracing all and monitoring our impact and presence everywhere.
Excellence & Advancement - Creating standards and improving quality.
Our Business, our Performance, our success is only as valuable as our people Being the Best takes hard work, we recognize the best and the value of communication, relationship building and commitment.

OTSL has an initative and continued investment in mentoring a sustainable and rewarding environment for higher levels of inter-personal and professional skills, corporate culture and fostering better performance and fierce work pride. In our company we encourage these major attributes -
  • * Equality
  • * Fair Play
  • * Opportunity
  • * Mutual Respect.